The development of SIBS-ONLINE, a group-based video conference intervention for siblings of children with chronic disorders and their parents


During the last decade a knowledge-based group intervention called SIBS, aiming to prevent psychological difficulties in siblings of children with chronic disorders, has been developed and empirically evaluated. The results are promising, but SIBS has been difficult to implement in areas with low population density. To address the needs of low-density health regions a video conference-based version of SIBS, “SIBS-ONLINE”, was developed.


SIBS-ONLINE was developed in three phases: 1) Gaining experience by delivering five support groups for siblings during the Covid-19 pandemic over video conference; 2) Developing the SIBS-ONLINE intervention based on the experiences of Phase 1; 3) Pilot testing the SIBS-ONLINE intervention with four groups (14 families).


The end-product was SIBS-ONLINE, an intervention for siblings aged 10–16 years and their parents. SIBS-ONLINE consists of three separate sibling and parent groups and three joint sessions delivered over video conference. Intervention materials to enable delivery were developed, such as a manual comprising specification of communication techniques in video conference groups, technical advice, and a detailed description of sessions.


The developmental process resulted in a feasible group-based video conference intervention for families of children with chronic health disorders.


A unique group-based video conference intervention is described and general advice for developers and deliverers of future interventions provided.


Vatne, T. M., Haukeland, & Fjermestad, K. W